Storytelling and Social Change: A Strategy Guide for Grantmakers

Check out this guide for grantmakers interested in improving how they tell the story of their impact. more >>

Knowledge to Understanding

Ever wonder if you are getting through to people? more >>

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Animating Democracy

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  • Just getting started? Explore key terms, foundational values, and concrete options for beginning your evaluation plan in A Place to Start.
  • Interested in learning from your peers and evalution experts alike? Browse or search hand-picked and annotated evaluation resources, tools, and frameworks in Evaluation in Action. Learn from stories and examples that describe how real arts projects have been evaluated.
  • Looking for ways to build evidence of your impact? In the Social Impact Indicators section, check out ways to express common social and civic outcomes.  See how to translate outcomes to evidence you can measure. Learn different data collection strategies including how to effectively collect and analyze qualitative data.